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Bauhaus Center Exhibitions For Rent

In the past 20 years we have developed a growing number of popular exhibitions that have been visited by thousands in our Bauhaus Center Gallery space in Tel Aviv, and that have been shown in dozens of cities around the world. Find our exhibitions available for rent below, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are looking for an interesting display in the field of 20th century architecture and city-planning.

For support and cooperation we have worked with and keep excellent relations to Israeli embassies and consulates as well as the Israeli Nativ organization. The exhibitions generally consist of 20-40 documented posters (can be printed on location), some are accompanied by an extensive catalog and some are already translated to multiple languages. See exhibition details for information.

Preservation and Renewal – Bauhaus in Tel Aviv

Our trademark exhibition has toured the world in the past years. Preservation And Renewal: Bauhaus And International Style Buildings In Tel Aviv displays color photographs of recently renovated buildings in the White City alongside historic photographs and architectural plans. Our exhibition catalogue and book Preservation and Renewal is available in Hebrew & English.

Dizengoff Square – Through History

Just in time for the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus School, the city of Tel Aviv has successfully completed the restoration of Dizengoff Circus. The Bauhaus Center is reviewing the history of the iconic Dizengoff Square and celebrating its renewal with this exhibition on display in our gallery. The exhibition consists of b/w and color photos, sketches and original vintage items.

Jerusalem Bauhaus

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Rings / Mendelson

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