Tel Aviv’s “White City” in a breathtaking UNESCO world heritage site. It has been reclaimed so because of its unique collection of Bauhaus architecture. Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv is the city’s center for exploring, learning and experiencing this marvelous piece of culture.

We know Tel Aviv. You get to know it too.

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Welcome to Bauhaus Center

Bauhaus tour

—The best way to understand the virtues of Tel Aviv’s unparalleled architecture and urban landscape is through a concise guided tour. The center, together with the Israeli National Committee for UNESCO, offers the most professional tours, given by expert guides. Over 15,000 people have taken our tours over the last 10 years! Our tours are offered at various times and numerous languages and are continuously fully booked. If you want to stay spontaneous or can’t make it for one of our guided tours, we provide audio guides in various languages and accompanied by videos and maps. Read more...

Every Friday at 10:00 starting at the center


—Our center includes a gallery hosting changing exhibitions about Bauhaus architecture and design, the city of Tel Aviv and contemporary art, design and architecture. Read more...

Current Exhibition

Israel According To Lipti

—In the 1980s and ’90s, Lipti T-shirts were a big hit in Israel. Crisp white t-shirts printed with colorful scenes of Israel—Tel Aviv, Hamidbar, sabras, wild flowers—playful, naïve, sweet and … wildly popular! Now, (do we need “some”?) twenty years later, a book by Ruth Adler, the artist behind Lipti, is being released. This evocative collection of Lipti artwork offers a nostalgic glimpse into the country at the end of the last century. Learn more...

Dates: March 28, 2014—April 30, 2014


—The center’s shop includes a bookstore and a designers boutique. The bookstore focuses on Bauhaus history and legacy, the city of Tel Aviv, design and architecture. The boutique offers original Bauhaus items as well as contemporary Israeli design. Our center in also a publishing house, continuously putting in print books in the aforementioned fields. If you are not visiting Tel Aviv in the near future, some of the items are offered in our online store. Visit shop

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