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Bauhaus Center Gallery: Exhibitions (free entry)

The Bauhaus Center Gallery develops and hosts changing exhibitions about Bauhaus architecture and design, the city of Tel Aviv and contemporary art, design and architecture. Our exhibitions travel, and they have been shown in Berlin, Frankfurt, Delft (NL), London and many more places.

Now Showing | Those who Transformed Sand Dunes into Streets

Biographies of 78 planners and designers of the White City of Tel Aviv. Curator: Nitza Szmuk, Associate Curator: Tal Eyal. Graphic Design: Peter Szmuk, Production: Smadar Timor, Noa Karavan-Cohen. This show is a part of the trafvelling exhibition: “Tel Aviv, the White City” which has been shown in 12 cities abroad.

Opening: November 30. Discover this exhibition now in the Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv until January 25, 2019.

Permanent Exhibition | Preservation and Renewal – Bauhaus Buildings in Tel Aviv

Our permanent exhibition Preservation And Renewal: Bauhaus And International Style Buildings In Tel Aviv displays color photographs of recently renovated buildings in the White City alongside historic photographs and architectural plans. This exhibit makes a great starting point to explore the Bauhaus in Tel Aviv. Our best-selling book Preservation and Renewal (available also for online orders) allows one to peruse it while touring the city, next to the buildings themselves.

Preview | Exhibitions In Preparation

If you are planning a future visit to the Bauhaus Center, find here first information on coming exhibitions with planned opening dates in our Bauhaus Gallery. To stay up to date, please sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Social Media.

Dizengoff Circle: After 2 years of intensive renovations, this icon of the White City will be reopened. The show will be dedicated to this unique urban space, its history and architecture. Curator: Harrison Goldman. Planned opening: January 2019.

Art Nouveau – Jugendstil in Riga. An exhibition curated by “Riga Art Nouveau Centre”. Planned opening: March 2019.

Josef Rings and Erich Mendelsohn: New Building in Germany and Mandatory Palestine. On occasion of Bauhaus100 we present this show in collaboration with Moses Mendelsohn Zentrum in Potsdam and Alte Synagoge Essen. The project was possible thanks to the support of “100 years Bauhaus in the West” – a joint project by the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia and the regional bodies responsibel for sustainin the rural culture of the region, namely the Landschaftsverbände Rheinland (LVR) and Westfalen-Lippe (LWL). Planned opening: January 2019.

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Our Future, Current and Past Shows

January 2019 | Dizengoff Circle

January 2019 | Dizengoff Circle

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Exhibition opening in January 2019 about Dizengoff Square, this icon of the White City. After 2 years of intensive renovations, it was reopened in the fall of 2018. Our exhibition will show the history of this iconic square.
Architects Paint Bauhaus

Architects Paint Bauhaus

Category :
An exhibition on the occasion of UNESCO’s decleration of the White City of Tel Aviv as a world heritage site....
Ilana Teman: “Urban Fantasy”

Ilana Teman: “Urban Fantasy”

Category :
Ilana Teman’s fantastic suspended towers soar to the heavens, expressing a futuristic vision which is starting to come true. The...
Bauhaus In Birobidzhan

Bauhaus In Birobidzhan

Category :
The city of Birobidzhan was established in 1928 in the far east of the USSR for the development of a...
Josef Tischler

Josef Tischler

Category :
An exhibition and a book dedicated to the work of architect Josef Tischler. Both are a remarkable contributions to understanding...